A responsive plan to support the growing Comal County area
• Construction aggregates support local infrastructure needs to improve safety and quality of life
• 40 percent of the 1,500-acre site will not be mined
• 600+ acres of buffer, setbacks and non-mining areas
• Protects local water resources and recycles 85 percent of water
• Protective of public health and safety
• Working with TxDOT to ensure safe and efficient traffic flow

COMAL COUNTY, Texas (Feb. 27, 2018) – Vulcan Materials Company plans to invest in a new limestone quarry in Comal County that will operate safely and in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

The Comal Quarry is strategically positioned along Highway 46 and FM 3009 to support the local economy and meet the growing needs of the community.

“Our goal from Day 1 has been to present a safe and responsible plan and demonstrate that we’re committed to Comal County and the community,” said Brett Bryant, Vice President and General Manager of Vulcan’s Southwest Division. “The large 1,500-acre property is uniquely designed to fit within the existing landscape and typography and will include more than 600 acres of buffer zones, setbacks and natural landscape, meaning 40 percent of the property will not be mined.”

Bryant added that Vulcan will implement a comprehensive Dust Control Plan to manage dust and keep it from leaving the property; ensure water resources are preserved by leaving the Edwards Aquifer undisturbed and using recycled water on site; and work with TxDOT to make sure traffic outside the facility flows safely and efficiently.

Vulcan has launched an informational website ( and a community phone line and email to respond to resident inquiries.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has determined that Vulcan meets all regulation requirements and has made a preliminary decision to issue the permit and scheduled a public meeting for the community to ask questions and learn more. TCEQ will decide next steps following today’s public meeting.

The permit is limited to a portable limestone processing plant, which will remain in one location. Rock will be extracted from the upper surface above the aquifer water table. Vulcan expects to mine only about 50 acres – or approximately 3 percent of the 1,500 acres – in the first 10 years. Vulcan envisions installing a permanent plant in approximately five years, depending on market conditions. The quarry is expected to create up to 20 direct full-time jobs while generating new tax revenues for local governments.

Many of Vulcan’s quarries are in close proximity to residential neighborhoods, schools, medical facilities, shopping centers, and places of worship. Many of these communities experienced population increases and growth since operations began.

Vulcan is obligated and bound by law to comply with the requirements detailed in the TCEQ-issued permit, which prohibits nuisance dust conditions and visible emissions leaving the fence line and beyond.

In addition: Vulcan will implement a dust control plan that will specifically help contain any dust created by mobile equipment and vehicles on internal roadways; install a paved private entrance, driveway and parking area to control dust from tracking outside the facility; water down site roads with recycled water to limit dust created by mobile equipment and internal traffic; and direct customer trucks will exit through a wheelwash to prevent trackout.

Vulcan is in the process of conducting a Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA). The TIA results coupled with TxDOT recommendations will be used to design the safest and most efficient roadway segments around the facility. Vulcan is also working with TxDOT on any necessary road improvements near the entrance to ensure safety and proper traffic flow in accordance with applicable state laws and guidelines.

Vulcan has supplied product to nearly 200 Comal County customers over the years. The company purchased more than $1.73 million in goods and services from Comal County-based businesses in 2016 and currently contracts with nearly 20 local vendors, providing indirect jobs and adding to household income. In the community, the Annual Vulcan Fun Shoot has raised nearly $2.3 million to benefit the Cancer Therapy & Research Center at UT Health San Antonio. Vulcan’s 1604 Quarry recently hosted a Quarry Crusher Run to raise money for veterans through Soldiers’ Angels.

Vulcan currently operates 15 quarries and several other facilities in Texas, and it has been operating quarries in the San Antonio area since the 1970s.

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