The Texas Commission on Environmental Control (TCEQ) is currently considering an air permit application for Vulcan’s Comal Quarry, located at Highway 46 and FM 3009 in Comal County.

As part of the review process, TCEQ has determined the permit application meets all local, state and federal air quality standards.

Unfortunately, some are spreading misinformation regarding our record. Here are some facts to know:

  • Vulcan has never been cited for any air permit violations for its rock crushing or ready mix operations in Texas during the past 20 years.
  • Vulcan has been given a performance classification of “high” by the TCEQ for our compliance and environmental programs in Texas.
  • Vulcan just completed the best MSHA/OSHA safety record in our 60-year history, performance that surpasses the industry average.
  • Vulcan is 99 percent citation-free with state and federal environmental inspections nationally.

As to accusations about alleged violations:

Fact: Among our 65 facilities, Vulcan received one storm water violation in 2013 and four in 2014 at our facility in Bexar County. All violations were rectified, and there have been none since.

Fact: An incident occurred in 2013, which resulted in a neighborhood near our 1604 facility getting dusted. Lab samples showed that Vulcan had no involvement in the incident that occurred when our facility was closed. It would be impossible to recreate that incident with the equipment, substances, procedures and processes that were and are on site at the facility then and now.

In addition, Vulcan has been vigilant when it comes to disclosing any issues at our facilities and will continue to comply with state law when it comes to self-auditing.

Comal Quarry will operate with the same high standards that have resulted in a top tier safety and environmental record for our company.